“Norm Thatcher and TNT Anger Management Services is a great service for anyone who has court ordered anger management classes and also for people who are just trying to better themselves in that field. The sessions are very comfortable and casual which makes it easier to open up and really cure yourself.”
– Client

“I’ve known Norm for 11 years he’s an exceptional person who cares deeply about his patients. His techniques are powerful and life changing and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Myra W.

“Excellent experience, very well knowledged in the anger management profession. Before I was very angry and negative in my workplace now I have addressed my anger issues with Norm, I feel I’m a positive and more effective communicator at work.”
Courtney H.

“Talk with Norm – he’s a good listener.”
Laura C.

“TNT is bar none when it comes to anger management – Answers promptly to any and all questions which is so appreciated and N. Thatcher is definitely a class act.”
Mary M.