Our Anger Management Services

Anger management can help gain control over angry behaviors and you can learn to express this emotion more healthily.

Anger is a normal healthy emotion, but when it continues regularly an underlying issue could be at work. When anger begins to run your life, it can affect health and happiness.

Emotions are neither good nor bad, they convey meaning to provide valuable information. Anger itself is not the problem; the issues, however, often come from not expressing your anger appropriately or using it to impact others negatively.

Anger should never be a guide, as it can result in damaged relationships or interfere with your ability to enjoy success. It also impairs judgment, as thinking is done with the emotional center of your brain instead of the rational, logical portion.

Client Sessions through Zoom $50/hr or by Phone.
How does it work?
1. Contact our office to schedule your sessions,
2. We will mail you the required workbooks,
3. Using Zoom or your phone, you will complete the necessary sessions with Norm,
4. You will receive a certificate upon completion of all sessions.

Mini sessions $35 for 25 minutes.

​Office visits $55 for 50 minutes.

Who can attend these sessions?
Any person within the United States can take advantage of this convenient, and effective, virtual program.

Cost Effective: Nationwide telephone conference calls cost $55 for a 50-minute (hour) session
Convenience: You can set a time that works best for you