Behavioral Signs and Symptoms


Sign: How someone sees or views someone else’s behavior
• Yelling at others
• Slamming doors
• Hitting walls
• Tapping feet or hands

Symptom: Something that you feel or can verbally report
• Difficulty in focusing on work or schooL
• Verbalizing or feeling fear
• Feeling frustrated
• Lack of concentration

When to seek a professional:
If you answer yes to two or more of the following indicators, then counseling is suggested:

1) Are you legally or court mandated to attend anger management sessions?

2) Do you feel you’re in need of anger management?

3) Do you feel you’re in need of stress management?

4) Do you feel you have behavior that is out of control?

5) Does your family suggest classes or counseling?

6) Do you have trouble communicating with others?

7) Do you deny constructive criticism from the ones you love?

8) Do you tend to have road rage when driving?

9) Anger is too intense?

10) Risk of poor work relationship?

​11) Anger occurs too often? 

If there is an emergency situation, always call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.